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Architectural Consultation:

All architectural projects start with an idea. An idea to create more space, redesign the appearance of a building or add new features to a property. Experts in architectural design and planning, we can help to make the idea a reality. The consultation steps are always tailored to your exact needs, but the typical process can be found on the architectural plans page.

Civil and Structural Consultation:

Civil and structural engineering consultants are independent practitioners who offer their opinion regarding some engineering problems. It could be about the bridge and building conditions, design and rehabilitation, or utility construction. Acquiring the expertise of professionals, particularly civil and structural engineers can make the difference between a quality project and one that’s below acceptable standards. And other than for professional opinion, you can also acquire civil and structural services to come up with engineering design, feasibility reports, construction supervision, and investigation.

Have a 5-minute enquiry session before booking a longer consultation with us!

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Architectural Consultation, Civil and Structural Consultation

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5-minute Enquiry, 30-minute Full Session, 60-minute Full Session

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